Post fire, storm and flood recovery

A fire, a flood or a catastrophic natural phenomena always create great inconvenience, and may seriously compromise our house or firm.
When such events take place, it is fundamental to know how to intervene to restore the activity as soon as possible and to recover goods and structures.
Together with post fire, storm and flood recovery, during the years per group developed many different services to meet all needs.

Risk management, consultancy and technical training

Thanks to its consultancy and training division, per group offers enterprises its support services for activity-connected risk analysis and evaluation. Moreover, it plans prevention and correction activities to ensure business continuity during a crisis, it grants specialized technical analysis on the causes of fire damages, and allows the companies to keep their technical knowledge in risk management constantly up-to-date.

Leak search

per offers its Customers many different “non destructive” leak search methodologies.


At home or in a firm, after a damage or in an everyday situation, humidity represents a problem that should not be underestimated. The variation in humidity and temperature conditions of an environment may become a serious hazard for health, as well as the case of good and structure damage. These damages may often prove irreversible if not treated properly.

Post damage technical consultancy and fire investigation

Insurance companies and consultants can rely on the top-quality experience, competence and reliability of per consulting in post loss consultancy.

Servizi per il settore navale

Gli inconvenienti a cui una imbarcazione può andare incontro, durante la sua vita, sono purtroppo molti e rischiano di avvenire già prima che essa inizi la sua navigazione. Ancora in cantiere, infatti, piccoli incidenti legati alle attività di costruzione, verniciatura e installazione apparecchiature e macchinari, possono causare incendi e più ingenti danni. Le condizioni in cui poi la nave proseguirà il suo viaggio – acqua salata, variazioni di temperatura e umidità – possono avere conseguenze negative sul funzionamento di apparecchiature, componenti elettroniche e macchinari, fino a renderne impossibile l’utilizzo e, di conseguenza, la navigazione.