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Every great enterprise starts from ambition.

Our ambition at per‘s is to be close to people, companies and institution when an unpredictable event damages and jeopardizes their activities, means, homes and work.

We do so offering our experience and innovation culture to consultants, insurance companies, entrepreneurs and privates with a true spirit of service. Because inconveniences come unexpected.

To show that even in the most difficult situations, a new starts is always possible.


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per – Recovery and renovation services after a domestic or industrial damage
per offers smart and innovative solutions to manage, limit and solve the material damages to both domestic and industrial structures and goods provoked by unpredictable events such as fires, floods or natural phenomena.
per plans quick intervention strategies, develops reconditioning procedures and carries out recovery, renovation, restoration and replacement interventions, both for complex damages involving technical materials and minor frequent damages.

per‘s goal is to bring the damaged goods and structures back to the conditions they were before the accident, and to do so quickly, through safe and efficient means and with minimum disturbance.


per consulting

per consulting is the consultancy society of per group that operates in the sector of Risk Management. In all our services – from risk analysis to Disaster Recovery Plan, from post-damage consultancy to training – we support our clients in risk management so to turn it into new business leverages. Strong technical skills, great competence in the insurance sector and a strong sense of innovation are the main characteristics of our per consulting team. per consulting clients are:

  • insurance companies, brokers, agents, technical consultant societies
  • big enterprises and SMEs

These are our main services:

support insurance companies, agents and brokers in the risk taking procedure by carrying out risk analysis and evaluations, as well as a loss prevention activity. It also offers cause investigation services to help in the post-damage phase.

help the companies effectively face adverse situations to quickly bring their business back to usual conditions because, when crisis strikes, the survival of a company depends on its grade of resilience: i.e. the ability to promptly react to go back to the pre damage state.

offer technical consultancy to the companies by proposing initial asset protection and business continuity.


per formare

per formare is a division of per consulting that organizes training courses on technical themes regarding pre and post damage management (rescue, recovery, reconditioning) as well as risk evaluation and management. The training program ofper formare is based on two key elements: the 20-year experience in recovering and risk management of our per group team and the know-how acquired in more than 5000 recovery interventions.


per real estate

per real estate is a corporation of per group that manages building maintenance and damage limitation and restoration. per real estate follows all the post damage phases, promptly intervening and working together with all the subjects involved (damaged subject, insurance company, consultants, building or fund superintendent, estate managers) until the end of the settlement. Framework agreements and service levels are discussed with the owners, and the Insurance Companies to grant time and cost savings. Even the smallest damage can provoke inconvenience when premises cannot be used or your activity is interrupted. Our goal at per real estate is to offer the owner of a damaged building a value added service of quick intervention and damage restoration, with a particular eye on solution times and respecting the costs agreed with the insurance company.


per outlet

per outlet purchases and sells goods from damages, stock divestments, outlet closing downs and end of series. It was born from the need to sell products that would otherwise lose their value, thus extending their life cycle. Operating, intact and recovered goods are resold through per outlet‘s e-commerce ( or through distribution channels that do not compete with the initial owners.



2007 aJune 2007, per Ltd is founded from the acronym for Professional Engineering Restoration. Stefano Sala and Alberto Lagi challenged the reconditioning sector with technical professionalism and global approach in damage management. A group of technicians and managers with years of experience in the sector are in to complete the team. It is a great novelty for Italy. per is the first global risk management company to be built on Italian capital solely.

2008 48The world of reconditioning is wide and new challenges await. The goal is to prove that we can effectively handle not just bigger damages, but also frequent ones. Thanks to new agreements with important insurance groups, per starts to operate in the real estate sector as well. Its technologies and methodologies in professional renovations are applied on a larger scale: higher cost-saving and protection of the goods become evident.

2009 aaaChallenges have just begun, but they are already bringing their results in. per is growing and becoming a reference point in the renovation sector thanks to its flexibility and to the versatile solutions it offers in spite of the difficult economic crisis the country is facing. This gives us good hope for the future.

2010 outletWhen a company is stroke by a fire or a flood, structures and machinery are not the only things that need to be recovered. Many products and raw materials that cannot be used or sold anymore are left behind. per outlet gives a solution to this problem. Our corporate division purchases, reconditions and sells goods involved in a damage.

2010 71After a recovery intervention between 2009 and 2010, a customer satisfied by the work and organization quality of per Ltd asked us to manage their logistics services. That is how per logistics was born, in April 2010. Our goal is to become a trusted partner for all companies in logistics management by taking charge of the activities through processes, time and costs optimization solutions.

2010 53With the foundation of per outlet and per logistics, the old “house” of per is getting too small. per group is finally born. The damage management and reconditioning approach becomes more and more multifaceted. Our ambition is to become the leading company in the sector of innovative services for damage management.

2011 riskNot just management, but also risk prevention! With this spirit and with Marco Santinato joining the group, per consulting was also born. It is a consultancy company founded to deepen and spread the risk management culture in the Italian context.

2011 reIt is the turn of per real estate, which funnels into a new society the activity of management, limitation and restoration to frequent damages to buildings. A brand new addition to per group.

2012 50per group is present all over the country. Five years after its foundation, per group becomes one of the leading societies for reconditioning in Italy, with a total turnover of about 18 millions. We are now looking at new international challenges: per asia, with HQ in Bangkok, was also founded.

2013 30per consulting presents an innovative tool for insured risk evaluation: per azienda, a web portal dedicated to insurance companies, brokers and enterprises, that speeds data collection and elaboration, and makes it possible to define plans and strategies for risk analysis and evaluation.

2014 68 (2)As it is more and more necessary to spread out risk awareness in Italy, we founded per formare, a division of per consulting that organizes training courses on technical themes regarding post damage and risk management.




Alberto Lagi


Stefano Sala




Simone Rivolta


Marketing and communication

Stefania Dall’Ara


Safety and prevention

Alessio Guzzonato



Anna Rigotti


Technical and Commercial

Carmelo Santomarco



Andrea Giambelli



Alberto Lagi
Stefano Sala

Board of Directors
Alberto Lagi
Stefano Sala
Roberto Terzaghi

Board of Auditors
Alberto Sciumé (presidente)
Francesca Novati
Alberto Canclini
Paolo Costanzo
Cinzia Finesso



Stefano Sala


Marco Santinato


Juri Garelli


Stefania Dall’Ara


Alessio Guzzonato


Antonio Mancini


Roberto Brandalesi


At per group we put all our effort into managing effectively social and in ethical problems and into promoting public works with great social awareness and responsibility. Our corporate social responsibility fully reflects our values. The company is founded on an ethical and sustainable “business making” at a social, economical and environmental level.


Since our goal is to offer qualified services, we always invest in research programs and scientific innovation in all the sectors we deal with. This is why we established many technical partnerships with important research institutes and with the best operators in specialized fields to provide technically state-of-the-art services.

Tested and environmental friendly products All the chemicals we use are tested and produced in collaboration with the University of Pavia to grant a higher reliability and safety on the procedures and materials used in recovery and renovation interventions. These products are compliant with the environment regulations in force.

Disposal processes All the debris, waste and residuals are disposed of in compliance with the regulations in force, respecting both environment and human health. A special attention is paid to the production and disposal phases of toxic waste and asbestos.


Start-up support We finance and support Startup projects that hold a social, educational and cultural purpose, proposed by anyone who shares our values and sees the world and society as something positive, that can always be improved.

Counseling services We are aware of the problems of our time, and we know how hard it is for the youths to find a job nowadays. That’s why we offer to help them know their talents and skills better through a free counseling service.


CMC Centro Culturale di Milano Since 2011 we collaborate with CMC – Centro Culturale di Milano. This partnership was born during a cycle of conferences about the first results of the Planck satellite mission, included in the ESA Horizon 2000 program, and still continues satisfactorily. Moreover, we support cultural, artistic and educational initiatives involving the entire community, sponsoring it and enhancing its socio-cultural development.

Venice Marathon Since 2014 per groupsupports Venice Marathon, which this year has earned its first “Green Event” title. Organizing a sustainable event means, for the Venice Marathon Club, working to turn the environmental impact into environmental-friendly activities like, for example, reducing wastes and carbon emissions, and planting trees in the Parks of Mestre.