Structure diagnosis, reconstruction and finishing

Humidity variations provoked by a catastrophe or by time can damage the supporting structure of a building. On a large term, hidden humidity may lead to the formation of molds and to a quicker disruption of the walls. Buildings are always exposed to water aggression, but an unpredictable event can certainly worsen the situation, with consequences on the structure, hygiene and aesthetic of the building.

per carries out efficient and precise structure diagnosis to suggest possible solutions to humidity. Chemical-physical, quality (like thermographies) and quantity (like loading tests) analysis allow the evaluation of the correct adjustments and improves resistance and ductility of beams, pillars, walls and coatings, so to guarantee building’s quality, efficiency and safety.

per offers its Clients many possibilities to restore the aesthetic of a damaged part through services of coating laying, floor and parquet refurbishment, restoration and replacement of doors and windows, hydraulic and masonry works, painting. Services:

  • Structural diagnosis and planning services
  • Strengthening and structural braces
  • Reconstruction of buildings and roofs
  • Recovery of waterproof sheaths
  • Finishing