Post damage consultancy and fire investigation


Insurance companies and consultants can rely on the top-quality experience, competence and reliability of per consulting in post loss consultancy.

Fire Investigation

Fire investigation service determine the real cause of a fire, and more particularly, if the fire is accidental or not. This activity includes a thorough examination of the damaged place, and the collection of samples that we analyze in our labs with the most cutting-edge technologies available. All the operations must be carried out as quickly as possible by reaching the damaged site before it is contaminated and modified by other factors.

Investigation on electric accidents and machinery failure

In case of mechanic, electro-mechanic or electronic failures of devices or machinery, per consulting can issue detailed reports of damage origins and real causes to determine its possible reconditioning.

The main intervention areas of per consulting are:


  • technical verification for damage causes
  • machinery failures consultancy and reconditioning verifications
  • certified measuring of contamination and hydrocarbon presence, analysis of combustion temperatures (in collaboration with the University of Pavia and with technical research institutes)
  • structural, chemical, and dimensional diagnosis
  • project and budget chapters for industrial reconditioning
  • work direction during reconditioning interventions
  • issue of certifications regarding the quality of the interventions
  • lightning detecting services
  • consultancy to recover public, historical or artistic buildings.