per azienda portal


per azienda is the innovative portal of per consulting that facilitates data collection and elaboration process, and defines plans and programs to analyze and evaluate risks, ensuring professionalism and quality.

per azienda for insurance companies

per azienda is the innovative online portal designed by per consulting to improve the delicate activity of risk evaluation during insurance companies and brokers’ underwriting.

per azienda allows to carefully evaluate the risks even of those small realities that, due to lack of time or for profitability reasons, sometimes cannot undergo an on-site inspection.

Through per azienda we reduce costs and boost data collection and elaboration for risk analysis and evaluation, ensuring our professionalism and quality.

per azienda for companies

per azienda is a tool for entrepreneurs who want to manage their company’s risks to the best.

per azienda allows entrepreneurs to identify easily, accurately and quickly vulnerable points in their business, and provides them with an immediate support in risk reduction solutions to carry out.

Through its simple and precise final reports, per azienda provides entrepreneurs and insurance managers with useful tools that improve the dialog between enterprises and insurance companies.