Industrial and private building recovery

Building recovery interventions aim at bringing everything back to normal. Spaces must be made healthy, furniture and machinery must be cleaned of all traces of residual soot or contaminated water, even hidden ones. Generally speaking, we define chemical cleaning the industrial cleaning process to get rid of noxious organic micro-contaminants that can be hazardous for healthand jeopardize the useful life of goods. Reconditioning is not only an aesthetic intervention. Building recovery is the first step of a recovery process in an environment damaged by contaminants. Once damage residuals are removed and the unstable or irrecoverable parts are demolished, building recovery starts.

Reconditioning is not necessary for aesthetic reasons only, but also to make the spaces chemically healthy and able to host people and goods. Building recovery highlights possible damages to structures. After plastic material combustions, PAHs (Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon) and other noxious organic micro-contaminants are left on the surface of buildings. This is why trained operators should carry out building recovery. Aesthetic damage is solved through a painting made of highly covering paints.