Building damage management and extraordinary maintenance


For real estate owners or managers

The main goal of real estate owners or managers is the economical, administrative and technical management of buildings, focused on cost-saving and building enhancement.

per real estate offers an innovative extraordinary maintenanceservice for damage management and repair service dedicated to real estate managers that need to focus on their business activity and to delegate the technical and bureaucratic management of extraordinary accidents to a specialist.

When a damaging situation occurs, it is fundamental to act quickly to limit direct and indirect damages, and to start the recovery actions as soon as possible. A delayed intervention may result in a worsening of the damage, and in a consequent increase in recovery costs.

Therefore, it is vital to rely on a qualified technical partner to intervene within few hours, to choose the best method and procedure to reduce the damage, and to mediate with insurance consultants and companies for a refund.

Our strengths:

  • intervention within few hours from the cal
  • possible business interruption times reduced
  • limitation of direct and indirect damage
  • technical monitoring and building assets enhancement
  • outsourcing or simplification of technical management of buildings, and resulting management cost saving
  • single reference and reduction in supplier costs
  • extraordinary maintenance incidence reduction
  • direct payment from the insurance company with consequent cash flow improvement for damages covered by insurance
  • interventions of specialized technicians and full assistance in damage management
  • cutting-edge technologies in damage research and recovery

For insurance companies

Services included in the insurance are becoming a discriminating factor for real estate owners and managers when it comes to choose the best insurance product.

Through an approach that favors damage limitation and preservative recovery, per real estate is the ideal technical partner for a global management of small damages to buildings.

Our widespread technical structure at regional level coordinated by specific project managers guarantees quick action timing, always focusing on helping the client and limiting the damages. The great number of interventions and their many locations are managed through standard procedures, with computer-based technical operations carried out by technicians all over the country that undergo strict controls and a continuous training to meet our high service standards.

Our strengths:

  • technical coverage on the whole national territory
  • dedicated only to the businesses involved in the damage
  • time and damage management cost reduction
  • damage technical cost reduction
  • optimization of operation processes
  • transparency and traceability of damage status
  • damage preventive evaluations


  1. Damage search and restoration
  2. Non-destructive leak search
  3. Rescue of structures and goods
  4. Cleaning and recovery of the environments
  5. Deodorization of goods and environments


  • reconstruction of demolished structures
  • whitewashing of damaged parts
  • Cleaning or replacement of tapestries and carpets involved
  • Recovery and polishing of damaged parquets
  • Repair and replacement of damaged electrical systems