Asbestos recovery and disposal

Asbestos disposal

Asbestos is a mineral that was used up to the 1980s to produce cement asbestos, a mixture that was widely used in the building sector due to its insulation and resistance capacity. Its extraction and manufacture is nonethelessforbidden in Italy since 1992, and materials containing asbestos fibers cannot be used in buildings either.

Regulations and limitations

Nowadays, a strict legislation regulates asbestos disposal and recovery, and only enterprises included in the National Register of Asbestos Management are authorized to carry out these services. The Ministry of Environment executes the legislation through this register. In case of breach of obligation or directive violation, severe fines will be applied both to contractors and executors, which may extend to construction site requisition. The regulation defines three different categories depending on the hazard degree for human and environmental health of materials containing asbestos, and on the consequent complexity of recovery actions to undertake. peris authorized to intervene for category 10A (compact materials like covering plates) and 10B (friable materials, like pipe insulations).


Apart from asbestos recovery and disposal,per offers reconstructions services to replace coverings with different materials, from tiles to iron plates. These services include plumbing works and the design and manufacturing of temporary coverings and metal structures for companies. Moreover, per can draft feasibility projects to refurbish roofs through photovoltaic systems installation on the recovered surfaces.

Other services

  • Burnt material removal
  • Waste disposal
  • Friable and compact asbestos recovery
  • Covering refurbish